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Bill Collopy is an author of fiction and non-fiction who teaches writing, spends far too much time worrying about language, and doesn’t have enough bookshelves. His latest book is Conquering Beastly Writing, published in 2013. Bill’s website is http://billcollopy.org/

Conquering Beastly Writing cover

3 responses

  1. Are you the Bill Collopy of Captain Monux fame?

    1. Jeff, it seems that my youthful reputation has followed me around. I am indeed the co-author of that curious creation.

  2. Well done Bill. I came to this site because of recent comments in Column 8 in the Sydney Morning Herald. Readers have been asking about origins of various idiomatic expressions – which makes me wonder why such readers could not simply access the internet.
    Are Column 8 devotees really that old that they lack computer skills or are they just lazy?

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